Top 7 Best Tips for better Designs to create Best Customized T-Shirts

anaayu.comTop 7 Best Tips for better Designs to create Best Customized T-Shirts

When it comes to popular outlets of creativity, T-shirt designing is becoming a new
paradigm. No matter if you are an amateur, looking to design your own T-shirt on
platforms like then you need to know if you the basic tips to create a
cool design which has great concept.
However, this designing process can be a daunting task. But we present you top 7 tips
for designing best customized T-shirts that you can wear to display your personality and
show off your creativity.

Customized T shirts

So, here is the list.

1. Take Time and Explore Different Concepts
First, you need to sharpen your creativity. Try to create a sketch, look for
inspiration, create a few variations, something that attracts you and start the
brainstorming session. Think about it and do it over and over again. If the design
comes right away, then its best. But do explore many options just to make sure
that you get the design you desire.

2. Imagining the Design of Your T-Shirt
There is a vast difference your creativity and perception of how you t-shirt would
look like and how it actually looks when it is printed. So, don’t get uneasy and
create some mock ups on a photo of a model, try to print it out in case you are
able to and place it on an actual T-shirt. Create your artwork in actual size that
you want.

3. Keep Simplicity and Details in Check
Everyone likes a great sketching and drawing ability along with attention to detail.
It is always better to see a well-crafted masterpiece on a T-shirt that you can
think and study for hours.
But it is equally important to keep the design simplest, and make sure that the
message goes across via the simplest form. In case you are looking for a middle
ground, you may struggle to deliver a good design.

4. Know Your Audience
You always want to display your creativity and best T-shirts in front of your
friends and acquaintances. You even want strangers to admire your T-shirt
design. Make sure that you know the audience and what they like. Try to
inculcate the popular styles and messages that are trending. This will add appeal
to the masses and make you look. It is an important aspect of creating a
customized T-Shirt.

 5. Keeping Humour Subtle

In case you want humour in you designs, make sure that they aren’t cheap and
low-cost one. Even the great designs can have subtle humour. Make sure your
jokes appeal to the masses and don’t antagonize or offend anyone.

6. Effective Colors
Make sure that you utilize the colors effectively and introduce complementary
ones. Anaayu provides you the option of selecting the color from the palette.
Make use of it and try to get the best color which suits the design.

7. Create Proper Artwork
When it comes to screen printing, use better printers. You should make sure that
the print you take in order to put on your t-shirt to have a preview of your T-shirt,
should be appealing enough. There are many options present there on the
customization page of Anaayu.

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