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About us


What we care is all about you, your family, your group with the perfect occasion, function or celebration.

Anaayu is an ageless company with a timeless vision to transform the best human mind and pull it out of the rut of stagnation. We embed wisdom words on our ultra fine quality t shirts so that we are constantly reminded of who we are and can steadily connect back to the infinity within and be in eternal joy.

Who’s the Clan with this dynamic Thought?

We are a group of no of entrepreneurs, who are masters in their respective fields. Our mentor is the best t shirt manufacturer and whole sale supplier for past 15 years across Rajasthan.

Anaayu’s Differentiating edge

All companies strive to be but Anaayu is. It is not a company established with a primary agenda of money, name, fame but to bring about human revolution and reinvading our lost glory. We want to create a home brand which speaks not just to our self but also about glorious heritage of our incredible land to the world at large. (festivals)

Made of India, By India, From India but beyond any global brand

Express yourself…Unleash your design creativity

We all have a child in us who wants to express his raw thoughts to the world and just be. We all are creative in our own unique which ways but don’t let our creativity find expression. We want your designs and drawings to be exhibited by the brand ambassador you through your modest Annayu tshirts. Also your child’s drawings and paintings at school can be immortalized forever and worn to celebrate these unique ‘taree zameen pe’

Classy crème of the crème product

The material is classy, in vogue, trendy and avant-garde in every sense of the words. The product is 360 like the cycle of life and is complete from all perspectives.

Utmost Refined product in various fits

The exact fitting is what matters the most aesthetically since  everybody is different . Even the neck bones and wrist size and spine length or upper body/lower body ratio vary iototessmicly as per various individuals. We make sure that the product is custom designed as per you as you are our brand ambassadors and together we shall rock forth and create a new world.

What we say is what we deliver

Words have lost their value in this century. What is said is rarely delivered and people usually speak from their heart. Well we are here to change that and that you shall see and you already can if you can read beneath these words and the core feeling behind our existence.

Distinguishing and Outstanding Quality

We are not here to make short term profits or compete with anyone. Quality is what we shall deliver as we want to bring about transformation from root level and that can’t happen till we are trusted. So be assured we are here to get you to trust than to deliver anything less than the awesomeness you are.

Instantaneous and Responsive Service

We are in the age of universal telepathy and connectivity like never before. All it takes is one loose service gesture and you’d find some other company. Understanding this scenario we are here with a real people who will answer your calls instantaneously and understand your needs, we will fix any question or concern you have, and we’ll address every single detail to get your order exactly right. 


Delivering as per your need

Everyone has needs and mostly they go unnoticed and not understood. We understand that the need is dynamic ever evolving and varies as per individual. We have made numerous segments and subdivided them in even more so that you can match as per your taste and blend with the crowd or stand apart as per your delight. The colors are like the rainbow and the fonts and words so distinguishing that you would become everyone’s core need.


Our story

Everyone’s story is the same, we just discovered it.

We are ordinary people who just feel everyone’s pain and want everyone’s life to be beautiful. So we spent sleepless nights pondering over how to eliminate this pain and return home to our warm self.

We discovered that the root of all problems is that we have lost trust in the word love and it has become just a word and its meaning deeper than oceans has been lost in the web of time. So we are chasing happiness and searching for true love though happiness is available right here, right in the now and love exists inside us.

Today people suffer from stress, lifestyle diseases and depression like never before because we are hurt.

Someone or something has broken our confidence and faith on ourself, and it has been our own thoughts. So we thought to change that very thought and melt the distance between us and our spirit.

Only one thought lies between our happiness and emptiness. Let’s work on it together is the thought which began our story as we and not as mere individuals “I”.


You are our inspiration

Our inspiration has been us. We are all gods and goddesses experiencing our human form for a short span. Yet we keep forgetting our own divinity and get lost in the mundane. We wanted to keep serving reminders to each other and be perfect mirrors to our own hidden self, the self which we have been running away from since eons.

We all contain the entire universe in us and all its esoteric knowledge. Our spirit knows all truths.

We all know that life exists just in the moment and overthinking and fear is the root of all pain and stress yet we keep drifting away from the moment in pursuit of what is not because we keep forgetting,.

We are like gods having amnesia. Our forgetfulness has caused so many wars and fights and self-destruction over the ages. So we were inspired by your great spirit to let it speak about your hidden glory via the tshirts you wear.





Customer’s Statement

  1. I loved everything, from the help from customer service to the shipping. It was hassle free and truly a pleasure!
  2. Anaayu WOW! Great customer service, easy ordering process, prompt follow through on questions concerns and order approval procedures coupled with speedy delivery. Very pleased with the end result.
  3. I am pleased !!!!!!!!!
  4. Yes I am really impressed  We highly recommend Anaayu  to the general consumer markets.
  5. Customer service is fantastic. I have now created 3 different t-shirts for our school drama club and they are really fun. The t-shirt designers have been great about helping me create the perfect design. I find the editing functions easy
  6. Soft Fabric and good quality printing.
  7. The process was easy loved it.
  8. I enjoyed working with anaayu The quality and speed of service were excellent.. I'll definitely be ordering again.
  9. I found the site easy to use and enjoyed the experience. I will tell a friend and use it again. Thank you
  10. I Like my custom tshirt . what I ordered I get the actual product .